Why Your Business’s Bathroom is More Important for Business than you think

ave you ever thought about how important a bathroom is for your company? While most people don’t want to talk about the bathroom, the truth is that your business’s image revolves around a variety of factors…including your bathroom. Many of the factors that affect your business have nothing to do with the actual business; it has to do with your image. From the logo of your letterhead to the chairs in your waiting room to the cleanliness of your bathroom, your business reputation relies on more than just business.

If your business is in the service or hospitality industry, the cleanliness of your bathrooms for customer use are imperative in good customer service. Think about the last time you went to a restaurant that has a dirty bathroom; did you go back or recommend it to a friend? Probably not. The truth is that the cleanliness of the bathroom can often be the main point of topic in a conversation when describing ones experience at your establishment.

A clean bathroom at your business can eliminate the opportunity for complaints, projects a clean image (literally) and will develop a trust with customers. When you have a clean bathroom for your customers, you have happy customers, and happy customers are return customers and customers who send referrals.

Now that you understand the importance of a clean bathroom for your customers you’ll understand why Servicemaster Clean of Wake County takes such pride and care in their cleaning procedures for bathrooms. Servicemaster Clean technicians are highly trained on Capture and Removal Cleaning®, a patented system that includes detailed procedures for cleaning including products, equipment and techniques. A very important aspect of this system is the use of color-coordinated microfiber towels to ensure the color assigned for restrooms is not to be used in any other area of the office. The eliminates the transfer of germs and chemicals.

Make sure that trained professionals, such as the team at Servicemaster of Wake County, clean your office restrooms frequently and thoroughly. Remember, the size of the restroom and how often it’s used will determine the cleaning frequency. If your restrooms are cleaned more frequently then the use of harsh chemicals such as bleach are limited. However, if not adequately maintained, more abrasive products and methods are required, which can be unsafe for humans and harmful to the environment. A properly maintained restroom requires fewer products.

Request your free estimate today and get on your way to not only a cleaner office restroom, but also happier customers and increased business.

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