Why Clean with Microfiber?

Cleaning with MicrofiberAs we’ve discussed in previous posts, what is used to clean with is extremely important to how well your office and work area gets cleaned. In addition to the actual products being important, what you use is just as important.

Microfiber is a must-have in every cleaning crew’s arsenal for a variety of reasons. Microfiber is able to remove 99% of bacteria on a surface as compared to 33% when you use standard industry terrycloth. The question remains though, what is microfiber and why is it so important when cleaning?

Microfiber is a synthetic fiber usually made of nylon or polyester polymide that are slit into millions of fine fibers thinner than 1/16th of a human hair. Production of microfiber dates back to the late 1950’s but was limited. The millions of strands allow the cloth to trap moisture, dust, dirt and debris. Microfiber actually has a positive charge; this attracts dust, which carries a negative charge. Once dust and dirt is caught by the microfiber, its there to stay rather than getting tossed around and redistributed around the room and area. Microfiber clothes are also very soft, so it’s safe to use on floors, walls, ceilings, windows, mirrors and harder-to-reach areas.

Microfiber is ideal for commercial cleaning because we can dust, clean, dry, sanitize and polish without damage, streaking or keeping track of different cloths for different surfaces. Microfiber mops are great for various surfaces floors, the cloths don’t streak on windows and chrome faucets, taps and even water fountains are left sanitized and shiny. Microfiber is safe to use on glass, including technology like computer monitors and TVs.

The reason you should really like microfiber cloths is that we don’t need to use as much water and cleaning solutions with them, thus keeping our costs down. When our costs are lower, your costs are lower. Everyone wins with microfiber!

When hiring your commercial cleaning service to maintain your business, make sure to ask what products they use to clean. Better yet, hire Servicemaster of Wake County, they use microfiber because it’s the best for your business and your costs.

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