Why Citrus Cleaning Products Are The Best For Commercial Cleaning

Healthcare cleaning sink Among the list of important questions to ask the commercial cleaning service you’re considering to hire, ask about their products they intend on using to clean your office or workspace. If they don’t work with or use some citrus cleaning products, you may want to look for another provider. Citrus cleaning products, in addition to hydrogen peroxide cleaning products, are a top product in the industry among commercial cleaning companies. Not only do citrus based cleaning products smell fresh and clean, but they are extremely good for cleaning and sanitizing too.

Citrus contains d-limonene, a natural solvent that cuts through grease and dirt, and will leave your workplace smelling fresher than ever. D-Limonene is in the terpene family, which includes citrus and pine oils. The nice thing about terpenes is that they are generally not corrosive or harmful to metals or most plastics and polymers. Products with terpenes won’t cause rusting, pitting, etching, or staining on your surfaces on materials. Fun Fact: Citrus-based terpenes can dissolve heavy petroleum greases and residues in about 30 minutes!

Citrus based cleaning products are efficient and environmentally friendly. If you have any residue from grease, this is the cleaner you’re going to want to use. There are, however, two types of citrus cleaners and they have their specific uses, oil based and water based. Citrus oil-based cleaning product will not cause corrosion or rust. Such products are made from the oil found in the orange peel, rather than the pulp and juice of the orange. Know that when you hire a professional and reputable cleaning service like Servicemaster of Wake County, they will have all the uses, precautions and warnings for every product they use in their Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) to ensure that no damage is caused due to the wrong product being used. The quality of the cleaning is correlated the quality of their products the cleaners use, so ask if they are using citrus and if they aren’t…ask them to!

So the next time you smell the fresh clean scent of lemon or orange in a recently cleaned office or building you will know that that business you’re walking through is probably using a respected and experienced cleaning company that knows that clean is not just about the smell, its about the results!

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