Tips for Tidying up your Office and Creating an Optimized Workplace

A Tips for Tidying up your Office and Creating an Optimized WorkplaceOffices are generally kept clean, especially spaces where clients and guests frequent. However, there are times like big brand campaigns where things can get a little messy.

For example, let’s consider your company is launching a new product. During the planning and designing process, your team will be constantly using the workspace. There will be papers, prototypes, other materials, cables, stationery, etc. cluttering the place.

Once the product has launched successfully, it’s time to start working on the next project. However, the messy space will come in the way. It won’t stop you from working, but it will hinder motivation and make it harder to use the space properly.

Here are some office tidying tips that will come in handy when you want to freshen up your workspace.

File the Papers Away
Paper clutter on desks and inside drawers can become annoying very quickly. Not only does it take up space, but it also gets in the way when you’re trying to find something else. Or you could simply lose an important document in all the mess.

To prevent this, start filing everything in the right place as soon as it comes in. But if you weren’t able to do it, you can always start later. Check every piece of paper strewn about in your office, if it is useful, file it or put it in its place. Chuck it away if it is useless. (Make sure you shred useless documents before throwing them out as they may contain sensitive information.)

Dip in the Drawers
Next, move on to the drawers! It can be a real Pandora’s Box situation if you have ignored your drawers for too long. But better now than never.

Start by taking everything out and separating items based on whether you need them or not. Before putting everything back, clean the drawer and use an organizer so everything has a place.

Untying Cables
This is one job anybody would get easily frustrated doing. Unraveling knotted cables and wires can take a long time but it needs to be done. If you keep using them as they are, it can damage the wires. And besides, it doesn’t look nice.

There are many tools you find on Amazon and your local craft stores to organize your cables. Simply tying them with wire clips and putting them away out of sight is enough. But the internet is full of ideas if you want something more.

Rethink Storage Options
From eBay and Ikea to novelty office supply stores and furniture manufacturers, there is a whole industry of office storage. You can find filing cabinets, shelving units, organizing systems, and even lockers.

Take some time to think over it and invest in storage pieces that will allow you to use your space more optimally.

Spring Cleaning!
Once everything is tucked away in its place and you have new furniture for better organization, a spring cleaning session of the entire space will refresh the entire place. The only thing left for you will be maintaining it.

We understand that you might be a little busy to go about your office with a duster and vacuum. Instead, you can let ServiceMaster Clean Wake County take care of that. Once you’ve decluttered and organized your space, it will be easier for us to remove the junk and leave your office sparkling.

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