Surviving the Flu Season - Best Practices to Preventing a Flu Pandemic in Your Office

A woman sitting on the floor with a blanket wiping her noseThe winter season offers many fun things, such as an opportunity to bundle up in warm clothes, drink lots of hot chocolate, and play in the snow. But along all those exciting things, it also brings some not-so-fun things such as the irksome flu! With the arrival of the chilly winds in the atmosphere comes the perverse flu virus that wreaks havoc everywhere, leading to absenteeism in schools and offices. While most schools try to remain proactive to weather the flu season unscathed and take the necessary measures, many offices don't follow a similar protocol, which leads to sick employees and empty chairs at workplaces. But if project managers and department heads hire relevant services to disinfect the office space and install sanitization stations, they can significantly control the spread of the flu. If you want to have a hundred percent attendance at your workplace, consider taking the following measures.

Keep the Restrooms Clean

Restrooms are the favorite resting place of the flu virus; therefore, you must make arrangements to keep them clean at all times. Hire janitors who will work in shifts around the clock to keep the restrooms sparkling clean.

Hire a Competent Janitorial Service

Aside from the restrooms, the flu virus also likes to dwell on surfaces and various objects in an office, such as tables, pen holders, doorknobs, etc. To keep those points clean, hire a topnotch commercial building cleaning company such as Service Master Clean that will not only clean the exposed areas but also sanitize and disinfect them.

Many cleaning agencies do not know the difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. While all these words are used synonymously, they do not have the same meaning. Cleaning is removing any visible dirt and debris while sanitizing is reducing any bacteria or viruses present on a surface, whereas disinfecting is killing harmful pathogens on different surfaces. Hire cleaners that know the difference between all these cleaning methods so that your workplace is thoroughly cleaned.

Besides making arrangements for cleaning your workplace, you should also set up a vaccine clinic and encourage respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene. Lastly, send sick employees home to keep others safe and healthy.

If you are looking for a commercial building maintenance service, reach out to us at Service Master Clean Wake County. Our workers know how to meticulously clean a place in order to keep its occupants safe. Don't wait for the winter season to sneak up on you and make the necessary arrangements ahead of time.

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