Should Corners Ever be Cut when it Comes to Cleaning?

Never Cut Corners when it Comes to Cleaning - mop bucket and cleaning signCleaning a space properly means never cutting corners and skimping on any inch, this includes corners and cut outs where dust, debris and dirt can get caught or hidden. Another often missed area is behind doors, especially when the door is open as behind the door is often missed or forgotten.

We use special corner tools to clean out hard to reach areas, but the best tool are our eyes. You need to see every corner and cutout in order to access the dirt. If we can’t see the corner or its obstructed, cleaning it is difficult.

When cleaning hallways, we need to pay special attention to room cut outs along the floor edges, these cut outs are where the room has it’s own hallway, sometimes as little as a foot deep. Rather than using a dust mop or broom which pushes the dirt and debris back into the corner, we opt for vacuums with proper brush heads to vacuum edges, corners and cut outs.

If you hire a commercial cleaning service and there is still dirt and dust anywhere, especially behind doors, in corners and cracks…it’s time to call ServiceMaster of Wake County. Servicemaster of Wake County guarantees ALL work and provides the cleanest and freshest environment for your employees, customers and tenants. Trust in the most trusted cleaning professionals in Wake County for all your carpet, floor maintenance, sanitation and janitorial services. If your current cleaning company is cutting corners, it’s time to cut them from your list. At ServiceMaster of Wake County, we believe that consistent, excellent service is fundamental to the relationship we want to have with our clients. We spend time with each client to understand your unique needs, and we continuously monitor the overall condition of your facilities. We never cut corners even with the most menial task, as we like to say “ordinary task- extraordinary service”!

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