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Dayporter cleaning mirror janitorial To clean with green or not to clean with green…that is the question. How would you like to walk into your workplace each day and know it was professionally cleaned and sanitized; yet it didn’t reek of chemicals? It is possible with green products, like Green For™. Green For™ products are exclusively made for Servicemaster Cleaning and Restore businesses. They are free of harmful perfumes and dyes and meet the highest level of certification requirements. These green cleaning products also reduce toxins that are absorbed into our ecosystem. In addition, Green For™ products biodegrade much faster than non-green products…making it Mother Earth friendly from beginning to end.

If you are concerned about our world and feel a certain responsibility for its upkeep AND you like a fresh clean smell over chemicals and noxious fumes…then you’ll want to request the use of green products in your commercial cleaning services. However, we don’t just stop at green cleaning. ServiceMaster of Wake County can help you save money and increase the energy efficiency of your building! Check out our post on the USGBC LEED programs and points for more information.

Green cleaning isn’t just about helping the environment; it’s about helping your employees too. The use of green products has been linked to better health and reduced sick day absences in the workplace. Fewer chemicals equal fewer toxins, which equals fewer germs meaning fewer sick days and thus…higher employee moral.

Going green isn’t limited to only commercial cleaning services using clean products; you can use green products and lifehacks at home too. Try using a detergent that works in cold water, rather than hot. It’s a simple way of conserving an energy source and you don’t have to wait for the water to get hot. Citrus make a great degreaser and you can substitute vinegar for more acidic cleaners, and baking soda or borax for alkaline-based products. For example, next time your stovetop of microwave gets coated in grease, try scrubbing it with half of a lemon first, before you pull out those toxic chemicals. This is a great trick when Bob from Accounting doesn’t cover his pasta leftovers before heating them up, thus leaving a tomato sauce grease cave in the microwave for the next person.

If all those reasons didn’t convince you to use green products in your workspace cleaning practices, then we’ve got one more reason. Did you know that customers, clients, and consumers in an extensive number of surveys express a clear preference for companies that are green conscious? This means people more often than none, prefer companies that recycle, help the community, use green products, and are recognized as partaking in environmentally friendly practices. When you hire a commercial cleaning service, like Servicemaster of Wake County, who uses green products and assist in achieving LEED points, you are showing your employees and customers, consumers and clients that you care about their well being too.

Do you care about your environment, customers, clients, consumers, employees AND the success of your business? Call Servicemaster of Wake County today for a free cleaning estimate…because we care about all those things too!

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