Artificial Plants, Elevator Buttons, Water Fountains and other Overlooked Areas of the Workplace

Cleaning the office desk that is overlookedJust because certain things are out of sight doesn’t mean they should be out of mind. There are certain areas of the workplace that often get overlooked or passed over by most commercial cleaning service but with the Servicemaster of Wake County way…these areas never get overlooked.

Artificial plants are great. You never have to water them, they always look alive and they never die. While they are great décor items they are one of the most neglected objects when cleaning. Since cleaning synthetic plants is not a normally scheduled cleaning task by your janitorial company, dust and grime can build up quickly. Not only is this an eye sore, but this filth becomes airborne when a plant is brushed up against or moved. If you’ve hired any company other than Servicemaster, take a double check at your artificial plants to ensure they’ve been dusted.

Here’s a shocker, the most germ filled place in a building is not always the bathroom but the drinking fountain. Think about it, more attention and detail is put into cleaning the bathroom than any other place. Your drinking water fountain doesn’t get this kind of attention, when it should be. When you water fountains are routinely cleaned then you are not only eliminating buildup, germs and mold growth but it checks it’s working order. For sanitary reasons, the stream should always be at least 3 inches from the spout and when your fountain is routinely cleaned, then this checked.

On the topic of places dirtier than a bathroom, the elevator buttons take the win. A study done in the Journal of Open Medicine proved that elevator buttons (in hospitals) were contaminated with more bacteria than public bathrooms (again, in those same hospitals). One of the theories is that while people use a lot of cleaning gels and hand cleansers, they focus more on the palms of their hands than their fingertips. When was the last time someone hit the elevator button with the palm of their hand? Point proven. Elevator buttons should be cleaned daily at the least.

There is one of these at every desk. They get handled dozens of times a day. They come in contact with your face and your hands. What are they? Telephones! It’s one of those items we don’t think of too much but they are germ ridden with the bacteria from our fingers and grease from our faces. Telephone hand pieces, buttons and handles could be cleaned daily to prevent bacteria transfer and reduce the dust and gunk between the buttons.

Lights get coated in a layer of dirt and dust and most people never clean them because they don’t normally look into the light (which is a good think). Just because they are out of our eye line, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be cleaned regularly. Same goes with ceiling fans, especially since that dust will get tossed into the air if they fan blades aren’t cleaned regularly.

Furniture and upholstery often get overlooked when your office gets cleaned because most people go by the policy “if it doesn’t look dirty then it doesn’t need to be cleaned” which is wrong. Furniture and upholstery (including fabric cubicle partitions) are collecting dust, germs, dirt and other residue on a daily basis and need to be cleaned regularly…even though you can’t see it. Germs can’t be seen, but they’re still there. Just because it doesn’t look dirty doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be cleaned.

There are a variety of areas in the workplace that get overlooked when cleaned. Make sure you cover all bases when you are hiring your commercial cleaning service and that nothing is overlooked or ignored. Germs hide in the places you don’t think about so make sure you hire a company that never cuts corners, like Servicemaster of Wake County.

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